The Specialists’ support service and consultation offered and rendered by 24/7 Quickbooks support services are independent of Intuit Inc and it’s Quickbooks products and services. Any such name/s, terms, phrases and / or logo used by Quickbooks support services is either co incidental or for reference only. Quicbooks support services do not Stake any claim to these.

Terms repeatedly used

System: The term system here refers to and means your PC (Personal Computer), Lap Top, or such device that you may be using to access your information and work on it, operating.


  • We refer to and mean data in the following terms and context:
  • Your First and Last name
  • Your E-mail address
  • Your Postal address
  • Your Personal identifier

Data also may mean and comprise of information related to your system hardware, software/s installed for various purposes, including your Quickbooks tools and software. If required, for the purpose of transacting payment/s, credit card number/s or other such relevant information.

We at Quickbooks support as a matter of professional ethic and policy do not seek, ask or obtain or hold customers’ data, personal, computer / system data or otherwise unless required for the purpose of assisting and resolving customer’s computer, hardware or software issues and concerns and such where our consultation, support has been sought. Customer’s consent is sought and obtained in every single case whenever required.

Computer/System related data:

We may ask you for personal data when and only when it’s required for the purpose of resolving your issues. If and when we seek that data it’s done by verifying the right party, one who is authorized to divulge and can authorize our representative to have and access that relevant data or information related to your “ system or software”.

Payment Data is required only If you (customer) chooses to register to utilize our service/s, namely Quickbooks Support Help, we don’t gather Visa data via telephone. This information is entered by the customer. Quickbooks Support may make use of a third party to handle and confirm the relevant gateway for charging purposes. The information asked and accessed is just to the degree essential to completion of the transaction. At any point of a financial transaction undertaken we do not access, record or retain any personal and confidential information in any form.

We may also require and request information/data related with your PC. This may include: the date of procurement of your Personal Computer, the make, model and type, its unique identification proof like the serial number of your PC. Other equipment, programming or peripherals related and linked to your PC. Information about the current state & condition of the PC. This information and data is relevant and requisite to identifying the issues your system might be facing and may be instrumental in providing customized specialized support.


In order to and during the course of identifying the issues faced by your system/s or software, we may have to request for the control of your PC remotely. Fast Support Helps utilize qualified apparatuses allow the customer to give control of their Personal Computer to an Expert remotely over the Internet. Needless to say that this cannot and does not happen without your consent or initiative. To further minimize any apprehensions customer might have for lack of in depth technical knowhow, the Quickbooks support professional expert mostly talks you through the entire process of resolving your issue. At the same time, you have virtually one hundred percent visual access of the activity in progress. Any issues identified are first brought to your notice by the Quickbooks support specialist before he or she goes on to resolving it with your verbal and as the case may be documented consent.


The Quickbooks support team at any time, during the course of providing their specialized support and service do not have access to any information, data of your systems; personal computer, lap tops etc and of any software installed therein without your willingness, agreement and consent. At no point during the process of identifying and resolving the issue/s raised with the Quickbooks team do we have access to any information or data related to your system and software without your knowledge or consent; and neither do we retain hold or maintain any such information with us. You are therefore advised now and at the time of resolving your issue/s that the responsibility of retaining and having relevant and appropriate back up of ant such data lies with you as does it proprietorship.

In the understanding and appreciation of the above, we at Quickbooks support service have no access or record of your valued information at any point in time except for the duration of the process od providing support to you, and the said access is limited to the relevance and requirement of the issue/s raised and resolved.

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