Payment method in QuickBooks | Getting started guide

What Does Receiving (Recording) Payments Mean?

In the event that you made an invoice in QuickBooks Online to record a deal to a client, eventually you hope to get installment from your client for that invoice. Getting payments is just essential on the off chance that you have an open invoice to apply the installment to.

On the off chance that you get an installment from a client and you have not made an invoice in QuickBooks at that point continue to the business receipt instructional exercise to enter this installment.

How to Run a Payment on QuickBooks?

  • Click on “Reports” on your PC screen’s top left side.
  • Type the word “transaction” at the top of the list and click the option for Transaction List by Date.
  • Click the “Customize button” at the top of the report.
  • For Transaction Date, set the date range.
  • Click Change Columns and Add the Payment Method option from the left box to the right box, then click OK button.
  • Scroll to the Lists area, and in the Payment Method dropdown, click Select more than 1…
  • Add each of your credit card types, and then click OK.
  • Finally, click Run Report.


How Do I Receive a Payment in QuickBooks Online?

Step1: Navigate to Receive Payments

Go to the Home page àCustomers à Receive Payment.


Step 2: Enter Customer Payment

The following fields that should be completed are as follows:

Customer Name – Select the customer’s name from the drop down.

Payment Date – This should be the date that you received the payment.

Payment method – Select the payment method from the drop down list- check, cash or credit.

Note: If you have an Intuit payments account, then select credit card and fill all requirement information of your customer’s credit card. Click on the save button, payment process will start and a message will show on the screen to inform you whether the credit card payment was accepted or declined.

Reference no. – If payment method is “check”, than fill the check reference no. in respective box.

Deposit to – Select the name of bank in drop down list in which you have to deposit the payment.

Amount received – This will auto-populate once you select the invoice that this payment applies to in the Outstanding Transactions list.

Checkmark – Set a checkmark in given option next to the invoices that the payment is for.


Step 3: Save Customer Payment

Click on the “Save and new” button

Select “Save and close” option.


Step 4: Confirm Payment was Correctly Applied

Select Customers àcustomer name (Bright Gill).

Locate the invoice # and amount.  Once you find it, the Status column should indicate PAID as indicated below.

If you are QuickBooks account user and not aware about how to run payment method in it, than this article is for you. In this article we have described in details how to receive and run payment method.